Consider a Career in Event Management

Consider a Career in Event Management

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International corporations have grown to embrace the benefits of investing in the communications field to spread their message. 

This has created lots of opportunities for young people to enter the field of corporate communications. Corporate event management is an exciting part of this growing field.

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Travel, Hard Work and Excitement

Are you more comfortable working in a project-based environment than a day-to-day repetitive work environment? Do you enjoy traveling and working with different people regularly? Are you organized and able to adjust to working long hours and meeting deadlines? 

If you answered ‘yes’ to all these questions, then a career in corporate event management could be what you’re looking for.  


The Realities of Corporate Event Management

There are many jobs and tasks involved in putting together a product launch, convention, seminar, or networking event. These jobs and tasks run the gamut from liaising with clients to stage managing and producing the events.

Each ‘show’ will consist of a period of pre-production that will take anywhere from two weeks to a year or more. As major Forbes 500-level companies come to rely on corporate events to spread their corporate message, some of the events have come to adopt the razzle-dazzle production values of rock concerts and Broadway shows.


Deal with CEOs and International Celebrities

You’ll likely rub shoulders with both corporate CEOs and international celebrities if your career advances to the top levels of event management. Many companies hire celebrities to reach different targeted demographics. 

You’ll also likely travel the world and stage events where you’ll work with the crews, technicians, and company representatives in the country you’re visiting.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, you should consider a career in the corporate event management branch of the communications industry.  

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