Bridal Shapewear for Women in Thailand Recap

Bridal Shapewear for Women in Thailand Recap

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If you’re struggling to comprehend what kind of shapewear for women in Thailand will work best under your bridal attire, let us help with a quick checklist. 

We know that there is a lot of information out there and you may be getting conflicting advice from your well-meaning fashionista girlfriends. Remember that every dress and every woman is different, you have to take into consideration several key factors, such as dress fabric and style, your body shape and the prevailing weather conditions as your chosen venue. To keep things simple, we’ve compiled a quick six-point recap list of the basics:


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1.Choosing the right bridal undergarment depends on your body type and dress, start with the dress and work back from there, not vice versa. Don’t try to use an existing shapewear piece and make it work with your dress, that’s a recipe for disaster.


2. When it comes to shapewear colour, nude or cocoa is usually the best – depending on your skin tone. Believe it not, which is not the go-to colour in this instance. 


3. The experts highly recommend you wear seamless garments or shapewear shorts, which will perfectly smooth things out, without needlessly squashing your behind.


4. Jump about! Seriously, put on your shapewear and jump about a bit. It’s imperative that you can comfortably sit, stand, walk and dance in your chosen undergarments. Imagine wearing them for 10 hours, will they be comfy? And, side note, don’t go a size too small. This is a common mistake, that only leads to muffin tops and being uncomfortable. 


5. Wearing your undergarments to your final dress fitting will ensure that everything is fitting exactly the way you want. If you can’t take along your exact bridal shapewear f, at least wear something of similar compression.


6. Just breathe… relax and remember that you’re going to look amazing. Go forth will full confidence in your look; smile and don’t stress about what’s happening underneath your clothes. 


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